CH2015 programmer + AVR ATtiny13a tiny 24 tiny25 tiny26 tiny44 tiny45 tiny84a tiny85 chip adapter


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CH2015 Features 1:
Support chip more!
For example, 24 series EEPROM: 24C (LC) 01 / 24C02 / 24C04 / 08/16/32/64/128/256/512/1024/1026
93 Series EEPROM: 93C (LC) 06 / 93C46 / 55/56/57/65/66/75/76/86 (8bit.16bit …)
25 Series EEPROM: 25010/020/040/080/160/320/640/128/256/512 …
25 SPI FLASH Series: 25QXX / 25XXX / 25TXX / 25DXX / 25PXX / 25LXX …
DATA FLASH SERIES: AT45DB011 / 021/041/081/161/321/642 /
AVR series: ATMEGA8 / 16/32/48/88/162/163/164/168/2560/2561/8515/8535/6450 …
and many more! Due to limit the number of words can not be listed, you can chip model and package size sent to the staff inquiries!
CH2015 Features 2:
easy to use!
Interface simple and clear, read and write check one-button operation, you can set the automatic programming steps. Support Chinese english!
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CH2015 Features 3:
Production mode!
Users are free to choose to buy more than one combination for rapid mass production. Simple operation, fast programming.

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CH2015 Features 4:
Sector burn!
Support sector burn, the user can specify some sectors from the chip burn, the rest is not burned. Save time and efficient completion

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There are many features! For example: the cache can be customized to customize the color and display, interface and self-locking cache editing area of the button to prevent misinterpretation (this feature is really not to praise!). There are online upgrades! A new update on the update, the user do not have to worry about the late update! One key to identify SPI chip! Perfect support for XP / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN8.1 / WIN10 and other computer systems
The latest version supports WIN10 system, WIN8.1/WIN8 system!
CH2015 Intelligent High Speed USB Programmer
One bright spot: the ARM 32-bit kernel, faster and more stable!
Highlights II: Support massive chip: 24 25 93EEPROM, SPI FLASH, AVR MCU chip, DATA FLASH chip! Constantly updated, and strive to be more perfect!
Highlight three: support SPI FLASH, AVR chips, DATA FLASH chip models automatically recognize!
Highlights four: Support 24,93EEPROM chip offline copy!
Highlights 5: Software perfect support XP/ WIN7/WIN8 32-bit and 64-bit /WIN8.1/WIN10 systems!
Highlights 6: original and efficient production features! Highest delayed 16 batches rush a good helper!
Highlights 7: friendly buffer edit window can also customize the automatic programming process steps!
Highlights eight: Support sector programming, greatly enhance the work efficiency!











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CH2015+150mil sop14, CH2015+208mil SOP8, CH2015+QFN10, CH2015+QFN20 0.4 3X3 ATtiny24/tiny44/tiny84, CH2015+QFN20 0.4 3X3 ATtiny25/tiny45/tiny85, CH2015+QFN20 0.5 4X4 ATtiny24/tiny44/tiny84, CH2015+QFN20 0.5 4X4 ATtiny25/tiny45/tiny85


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