STM8-QFP80 Core board TQFP80 LQFP80 STM8A STM8S STM8L Download seat test socket Programmer adapter 0.5mm pitch


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STM8-QFP80 Core board

Supports more devices

STM8L series
STM8S series
STM8A series
Supported Devices
STM8 microcontroller in QFP80(0.5mm pitch) package with compatible pinouts:
STM8S003/STM8S103/ STM8S903 / STM8S105 / STM8S207/STM8S/STM8Ax52x6 / STM8Ax62x6 / STM8Ax51x6 / STM8Ax61x6/STM8L101 / STM8L151 / STM8L152/STM8L051/







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