STM32 QFP48 test socket STM32 TQFP48 Programmer adapter STM32 JTAG SWD


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STM32 QFP48 test socket STM32 TQFP48 Programmer adapter

JTAG SWD serial port,3 ways to download.

Product introduction

The purpose of STM32 – QFP48 encapsulation test, programming the chip
Applicable models STM32 QFP48 encapsulation:
STM32L1xxR series (such as: STM32L151R8, STM32L152RB)
STM32F0xxR series (such as: STM32F051RC, STM32F051RB)
STM32F1xxR series (such as:STM32F103RC,STM32F100RB)
STM32F2xxR series (such as:STM32F207RC,STM32F215RB)
STM32F3xxR series (such as:STM32F303R8,STM32F373RB)
STM32F4xxR series (such as:STM32F407RC,STM32F415RB)

The characteristics of
Lead to chip in row needle way all pin, pin spacing of 2.54 mm (100 mil)
Onboard the JTAG, SWD, USART1 interface, can be directly to the related model test, the burning
Onboard the external crystals socket (crystals can be customized)
Onboard external crystals at low speed (32.768 K)
Onboard two leds, can be used to test status indicator (can jump jump line, do not take up the I/O resources)


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