8 pin laser diode test socket ROSA 8pins LD detection Temperature-sensitive Photosensitive test socket


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Quantity: 1pcs

Specifications: 8pin

Note: 8pin socket has a lot of size specifications, accept customization (please send us dimensional drawings), thank you!





Weight 0.15 kg

FSHH-8-001, FSHH-8-002, FSHH-8-003, FSHH-8-004, FSHH-8-005, FSHH-8-006, FSHH-8-007, FSHH-8-008, FSHH-8-009, FSHH-8-010, FSHH-8-011, FSHH-8-012, FSHH-8-013, FSHH-8-014, FSHH-8-015, FSHH-8-016, FSHH-8-017, FSHH-8-018, FSHH-8-019, FSHH-8-020, FSHH-8-021, FSHH-8-022, FSHH-8-023, FSHH-8-024, FSHH-8-025, FSHH-8-026


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